“CrossFit is super fun but also very challenging and the recovery is very important since it´s an intense sport. I think Astaxin improves my recovery and helps me to work out even harder. I can increase my training in a completely different way than before.
When you train with such intensity, it can also affect immunity, but since I started to take Astaxin I´m not often sick. I also notice that I have more energy in the daily life.”
Linda Eriksson Skatt, 44 years old Health coach / Train CrossFit
“I have a lot of things going on – activities with my children, I am a football coach and I also work full-time. I often felt very tired before I tried Astaxin. I needed a push to get myself out for a jog before and now when I take Astaxin I feel alert and energetic all day. There´s energy left after I finish my work. I am now running about two to three times a week and I also run one half Marathon every year. I also feel that I have been able to avoid getting colds and my body recovers faster after working out.”
Hanna Meidler, 41 years old Finance assistant
“I recommend everyone that I know to try Astaxin. It´s great for people who live an active life and also for those who need an extra boost!”
Jenny Hammar, 43 years old Welder
“The reason I use Astaxin is that I notice a faster recovery after my exercise! My energy has increased and I can therefore develop my work outs. Above all, I stay healthier and feel stronger!”
Malin Fager, 22 years old Sales Executive
“That recovery and good nutrition is important for a good accomplishment is not any news. Whether you are a athlete with 6-7 very high performance training hours in a row, or if you are a person out in nature all day, you should be aware of these factors.

I am a trainer for a tennis club in Stockholm and my days can be very intense. My goal is that every training should give more energy than it takes both for me as a coach and for my clients/students. So a quick recovery and good nutrition between the workouts is necessary for me.

Because I also want to feel rested, energetic and focused on the days that do not involve hard training, Astaxin has now become a daily routine for me every morning.”
Mikael Nork, 33 years old Head Tennis Coach & Health Explorer
“Like all other supplements I have tried I didn´t expect any quick effect, but already after the first box I started to feel a huge difference. The first thing I noticed was that I slept a lot better. The second thing was that I felt much more alert and focused at work.

When I came home from work, my first thought was not the sofa like I use to think. Suddenly I said to my husband – let´s take a walk and that had never happened before. Slowly my life started to change to a more active life and I love it!”
Eliza Jonsson, 44 years old Financial Manager
“I think I can handle stress better and I do not have as much tension in the muscles anymore. My mind feels clearer in the morning and the body more enduring and strong. I feel more alert but also calm. I can do yoga when I come home from work and not just fall directly on the couch.

Most important, it feels natural!”
Johanna Karlsson, 44 years old Shop assistant

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