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“CrossFit is super fun but also very challenging and the recovery is very important since it´s an intense sport. I think Astaxin® improves my recovery and helps me to work out even harder. I can increase my training in a completely different way than before.

When you train with such intensity, it can also affect immunity, but since I started to take Astaxin I´m not often sick. I also notice that I have more energy in the daily life. One more fantastic thing is that both my nails and hair is growing faster and feels thicker”
Linda Eriksson Skatt, 44 years old Health coach / Train CrossFit
“I have a lot of things going on – activities with my children, I am a football coach and I also work full-time. I often felt very tired before I tried Astaxin®. I needed a push to get myself out for a jog before and now when I take Astaxin® I feel alert and energetic all day. There´s energy left after I finish my work. I am now running about two to three times a week and I also run one half Marathon every year. I also feel that I have been able to avoid getting colds and my body recovers faster after working out. I have also noticed that my nails are growing faster.”
Hanna Meidler, 41 years old Finance assistant
“I recommend everyone that I know to try Astaxin®. It´s great for people who live an active life and also for those who need an extra boost!”
Jenny Hammar, 43 years old Welder
“The reason I use Astaxin® is that I notice a faster recovery after my exercise! My energy has increased and I can therefore develop my work outs.

Above all, I stay healthier and feel stronger!”
Malin Fager, 22 years old Sales Executive
“That recovery and good nutrition is important for a good accomplishment is not any news. Whether you are a athlete with 6-7 very high performance training hours in a row, or if you are a person out in nature all day, you should be aware of these factors.

I am a trainer for a tennis club in Stockholm and my days can be very intense. My goal is that every training should give more energy than it takes both for me as a coach and for my clients/students. So a quick recovery and good nutrition between the workouts is necessary for me.

Because I also want to feel rested, energetic and focused on the days that do not involve hard training, Astaxin® has now become a daily routine for me every morning.”
Mikael Nork, 33 years old Head Tennis Coach & Health Explorer
“Like all other supplements I have tried I didn´t expect any quick effect, but already after the first box I started to feel a huge difference. The first thing I noticed was that I slept a lot better. The second thing was that I felt much more alert and focused at work.

When I came home from work, my first thought was not the sofa like I use to think. Suddenly I said to my husband – let´s take a walk and that had never happened before. Slowly my life started to change to a more active life and I love it!”
Eliza Jonsson, 44 years old Financial Manager
“I think I can handle stress better and I do not have as much tension in the muscles anymore. My mind feels clearer in the morning and the body more enduring and strong. I feel more alert but also calm. I can do yoga when I come home from work and not just fall directly on the couch.

Most important, it feels natural!”
Johanna Karlsson, 44 years old Shop assistant
I live a very active life and train at the gym 2 days a week, tennis training / match 1-2 times and take daily long walks with our dog. I feel that I can do this better now and without catching a cold, which I often got before I started to take may daily dose of Astaxin®. Can´t remember when I had a cold last time!

I have also felt improvements in my calves, use to have like restless legs and this does not feel as strong anymore. I work at a bank, which can be a bit sedentary even if I stand up for the half of the day.

I always long for and look forward to my daily activities that are both fun and invigorating. In generally I feel strong and sleep well.

I really recommend Astaxin® to everyone!
Jeanette Renard, 53 years old Bank assistant
“Astaxin® has given me more energy and I find it easier to concentrate. The biggest advantage, however, is that my immune system seems to be stronger and instead of catching colds, I only experience very slight symptoms that quickly disappear. This means that I can carry on exercising without major interruptions, which is very positive.”
Peter Ohlsson, 51 years old Business Controller
“I feel that I have more energy and I sleep a lot better now when I have started to use Astaxin®.”
Eva Eriksson, 55 years old Physiotherapist
We have trained and competed with our sled dogs for over 30 years around Europe and have also lived in Alaska where we rode at a professional level for 16 years. There we dominated the competitions in the biggest classes and won the big championships Fur Rendesvouz Open World Championship and Open North American Championships, five and 12 times, respectively!

In order to perform at a world level, we have relied on Astaxin® for ourselves and Novasta® for our dogs since the late 90’s. We were involved in the initial trials of Novasta® – the Animal Nutrition variant of Astaxin® and our dogs have since participated in further studies on health benefits of Novasta®.

Novasta® is now a fixed part of our dogs’ daily diet like Astaxin® is to us.

Egil Ellis, 51 years old Breeder and racing sleddogs
“I am so grateful to have found the dietary supplement Astaxin®. As a professional tennis player, the body is exposed to a lot of stress and strain such as long flights and irregular sleep. Astaxin® helps me keep my immune system at its peak and avoid colds. I feel a clear difference in my health since I started to take Astaxin® in 2016, mainly a higher energy level.

Normally, I take one Astaxin® per day and on occasions when I feel a bit tired I boost with two capsuels. Astaxin® is part of my everyday life and makes it enormously easier to get the daily amount of vitamins the body needs.”
Lucas Renard, 29 years old Professional Tennis player
“I have been taking Astaxin® (2 capsules/day) for about 6 months and I feel energetic, willing to exercise and healthy.

I can really recommend Astaxin®!”
Anders Sonefors, 54 years old Client Success Trainer

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