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We are a very proud supplier to the Swedish cross country ski team for over 20 years.

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Lucas Renard is a full-time professional tennis player. In his own view, his key success factors as a tennis player lie in his ambitious, thorough and analytical nature, which he applies to everything he does. Playing strategically, he tries to make the most of his powerful serve, backhand and his footwork.

Lucas plays national as well as international competitions. At national level, he plays in the professional Herrsingel Elit. Internationally, Lucas has played everything from $ 15,000 competitions to $ 250,000 tournaments. He is ranked internationally and has earned points both in doubles and singles competitions (ATP), where his highest ranking so far is 670. Lucas has won two $ 15,000 doubles tournaments and has been in the final in a singles competition of the same category.

At present, Lucas is 1300 is in the world. In summers 2017 and 2018, Lucas won the senior Swedish Championships in singles. Lucas has played the qualifiers several times for the Stockholm Open and Swedish Open, which are the most important international competitions in Sweden, where the absolute world elite participates.

During a normal training week, Lucas trains approximately 25 hours, with the distribution between tennis and fitness training being approximately 65% tennis and 35% fitness training outside the tennis court.


Axel’s background is motocross and climbing. He started to compete in elite obstacle races in 2014 and then won the World Cup in his age class. He has always found it quite easy on all obstacles that require grip strength, probably he has his climbing background to thank it for.

Axel competed in the OCR for six seasons with a focus on the Toughest tour over this time. Linnea made her OCR race debut in 2015. Before that she has been competing in athletics for many years, mainly the 400 / 800m. But she got stuck on OCR, too. In 2016 she won the World Cup in her age class. After that, things went very well in the Toughest tour where she managed to win the entire tour in 2017 and 2018. Linnea’s strong side in OCR is running because she has an excellent running history from her time spent competing in athletics. Axel and Linnea have complemented each other well and helped each other in training.

Commitment to clean sports: our product Astaxin is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

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